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Message started by follygg on Dec 14th, 2007 at 9:41pm

Title: Re: Towing caravans
Post by jools on Dec 16th, 2007 at 12:47am
Hi Nobrot,
My sentiments entirely, i have watched the forum over the last few weeks, and where questions have been asked from new comers, normally very helpful answers or suggestions were always offered.

Suddenly, there seems to be a sarcastic or "i know it all kind of attitude"  and dont ask such stupid questions.

We all started as "rookies", and were completely oblivious to Spanish/Catalan regulations, which still baffle me sometimes, even though my business partner is Catalan.

Can we not return to giving helpful advise and suggestions, after all, isn't that the reason why most people joined the forum in the first place.

It doesn't have to be a battle ground of sarcasm.

If someone wants to post a new English shop offering tastes of the UK, so be it, I'm sure it helped many people.

If somebody prefers to Speak "Castellano" in stead of Catalan, so be it. It is actually the national language of Spain in general, not as previously mentioned a second language, the autonomous languages are second languages.

If somebody wants to ask the Police/ Mossos d'Esquadra / Guardia Civil a question, more often than not, someone speaks reasonable English in the larger Police stations, and they are more than happy to help you.

Unfortunately, UK national motoring organisations like the AA or RAC are not always up to date with new legislation here, so, if anyone needs to know something, please just ask, and i am sure someone on here can help you with an experience of their own, or they can suggest where to ask in Spain.

Can we just get back to doing what we do best.................have a laugh and a giggle with silly things, but to help and advise new comers on the more important issues, even if the question has been asked before, and cut the bl***y sarcasm.

Happy Christmas everyone.


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