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Message started by follygg on Dec 14th, 2007 at 9:41pm

Title: Re: Towing caravans
Post by William of Orange on Dec 16th, 2007 at 1:14am
Im a member of several different forums,around the world, mainly renewable energy related and the tone is much more relaxed on all of them most of the time  , with many many more members than TF. They have moderators who are there for the occasional difference of opinions, spammers, but they mainly post as other would be interested parties.

I regularly post technical questions when

A. I think I know the answer but require more learned members to confirm my opinion, or offer different solutions.
B. Ive researched the internet got opinions from the WWW but still seek clarification. The web is not perfect
C. Hoping some one has had a similar question or problem and has a good or unique solution.
D. Sometimes my brain hurts and I think Ill let somebody else do the thinking for me.

Follyogg (get it right one day) could easily fall into one of the above .  I'm sure he knows how to use search engines and doesn't require a lecture  >:(from the Internet Police, ...............................damm another Squad, ..................Nigel can you afford this latest pay rise with your Constabulary getting bigger by the day  ;D
One of the larger forums has a newbie section and the post do get repetitive over time like, how many solar panels do I need? But there is always someone willing to help guide . Even when throw away comments are made usually just flippant they are guided back with sound advice. usually with  a hyperlink to good practice and even links to show what happens with poor practice.  

Ive said it b4 and Ill say it again, slightly different, if youve got nothing positive to add or help just dont bother typing.

The WWW is full of good sound information but also full of not so good or downright misleading information. It is not perfect.  Time to chill, and pour a cold one  :)
PS I doubt Nobrot has lived anything but a very lively and colourful life, you dont get a name like that just playing on Nintendo eh !
PPS. Nobody plans a crime thinking there going to get caught, cr?p planning wrong place wrong time is usually the bottom line !

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