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Message started by viking on May 2nd, 2010 at 10:54pm

Title: Re: Mole Alert! ( skin health)
Post by almendra on Dec 8th, 2011 at 9:32pm
Frenchay Hospital Bristol, on the NHS and via consultant dermatologist! The thing is experiences will vary depending on the mole type etc. Because mine were flat moles they could not be reomoved for biopsy. They said they could do a 'puncture' biopsy but that would only remove a tiny sample for examination and could miss any pre-cancerous or cancerous tissue so thay advised complete removal of the area. They have healed well and even though it was quite difficult at the time I'm glad I did it as it is peace of mind. The operations themselves were very quick and I felt no pain. Afterwards I only had to take a few paracetamol, I was surprised at how little pain I felt, it was just a feeling that the skin was very stretched and I had to keep imobile for a while to avoid any stitches coming loose. The scars are not too bad either. You are obviously suitable for a biopsy and hopefully that will show up as benign and they will just have to keep an eye on you. My leg mole was very large, mishapen and different shades but it was still normal! Try not too worry and see what they say after the biopsy. I'm sure as Cactus says it will be painless if the area is frozen.

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