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Message started by Nigel on Dec 4th, 2012 at 8:15am

Title: Re: Loss of UK TV channels
Post by Nigel on Dec 28th, 2012 at 7:12pm
I've got back all the lost channels!

I went to Alicante for Christmas and took a 1.2M dish with me to test.

The signal re-appeared in Benicassim (the AP7 Service station where I got some funny looks stood by the van with a satellite dish!)

I brought a 1.9M dish back with me to Tortosa and have just set it up and tested and all channels are back.

So now I know what is needed. Unfortunately its rather big and there is NO WAY it could be mounted on a wall; ground mounted on a pre-cast concrete slab only I'm afraid. This means anyone with a flat is going to lose their UK tv :-( as will anyone who doesn't have a site for the dish. Also EXPENSIVE. Don't expect much change out of 1000 euros when you take into account the dish, the concrete base, support etc. etc.

We have a 'stay of execution' until next summer - and there are no guarantees the new satellite won't be different from the one carrying the C5's etc. Then we will possibly (and the rumour has it that it is very probable as the new satellite should have the same footprint as the one currently transmitting the 5's) loose all the BBC and ITV/Channel 4's etc....

It is very unlikely the 5's will be moved again so the existing migrated channels should continue to be viewable on the larger dishes for the foreseeable future.

I still don't know what reception will be like in L'Ametlla or Mora areas - I'll try and take the dish there and do some tests but it's not easy due to its size and weight.

Below is a picture of a 1.3M dish (that I have been putting up until now, and a 1.9M dish which is the future...
1_2v1_9dish.jpg (Attachment deleted)

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