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Message started by philmountains on Jan 6th, 2013 at 10:43pm

Title: Re: Ferry/Spain/France/Eurotunnel
Post by philmountains on Jan 7th, 2013 at 6:31pm
Thanks boys again for help, going for LD -lines Portmouth -Le Havre this is a 8 hour crossing  :-? (Ive never been on a ship !!!) best price 180 return, this will save time ? and is sailing through night , & less diesel,& tolls.
once down to Vierzon I,m still under-sided as to crossing Pyrenees and would say that Vierzon looks to be make your mind up point, Free A20 all way down to Below Limoges or cut across and down on Toll to Clemont-ferrand  but this turns to toll free after Clemont -Ferrand "that Bridge at Millau looks fantastic".
Pondgirls route via the Vielha tunnel was the most direct but don't think this big old loaded up to the roof van, will like the  N230so I was looking at getting down to Foix ? then head for the Tunnel Puymorans then Cadi tunnnel It was over ten years since I have  been in this area so I cannot remember gradients, but as a  lower altitude in the Pyrenean chain, would have thought easier on the van than Vielha Tunnel (also  saving on  A9 Tolls around border crossing/ Perpingnan route) once past Cadi Tunnel  home run to Terrasa etc...
Sorry to go on and on, maybe I need a Blog LOL!!!!!!!
Remember I'm a Yorkshire man who cringes at wasting OWT!

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