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Message started by philmountains on Jan 6th, 2013 at 10:43pm

Title: Re: Ferry/Spain/France/Eurotunnel
Post by philmountains on Mar 16th, 2013 at 11:39pm
Hi just clarify I sailed from Le Havre not Calais,and did use the A10,I did notice the sign for Zaragoza and was tempted to try this route but was unsure about were the crossing point/Tunnel was in the Pyrenees ?so as I new the Puymorens route, that's why I chose it.
The A75 was OK, but the last stretch once you start descending into the Montpelier/perpignan I would have thought a real ball-breaker going back up!! and as for you lot in your 42 tonne trucks well you left me standing on some of the inclines, I was down to 30 mph, in the parts were it was up to 1000m, and have worked out tolls so far for A75 and this is not 100% motorway did try messing about with some of the free, going through the farmers back yard type roads LOL!!!! around 56 euros and fuel was around about £265 going which doesn't sound too bad, but it was a bit of a long winded route ,I haven't totted up my return toll/fuel costs but reckon quite a bit more on tolls, but defiantly faster and easier on the van ,I cannot remember it struggling anyware on the return ,there is one thing forgot to mention got flashed by a speed camera† out side Toulouse,† typicaly the only place I got a decent bit of speed up :( and it was on the free bit off the motorway, is this† a way of getting there money back ?
Thanks Phil nope I didn't get nearly what I wanted to get done, The weather was the main problem, and also believe it or not was the rock going through the footings were I had† cut it with the Sthil saw because it was too high, was incredible hard stuff like flint, but by no means as brittle spent a good couple of days on that problem.
I am not saying anything about what I leave or take any more,or even when I am going to be over, as I really,really trust very few now, and I also found out later that the old farmer hadn't been robbed at all,they must have had a conveyor going at my place getting it all out, and yet his gear is just left outside, new trailer, rotavator and all that's stopping them being taken is a fifty pence padlock† hanging on bit off old wire and yet they robbed me of everything,so what do you make of that ? >:(

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