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Message started by philmountains on Jan 6th, 2013 at 10:43pm

Title: Re: Ferry/Spain/France/Eurotunnel
Post by philmountains on Jan 8th, 2013 at 2:02pm
Thanks John
I didn't realize that the toll booths are iffy with what cards they take, I've not had this  problem in other countries ? yep it,s going to be a pain scrambling across the seat to pay the tolls :o
I have checked out Dover-Calais and without trying for discount/codes/voucher etc.... which at very best would have thought be 10% it,s coming up at £170 -"it,s the height & Length" so the horrible portsmouth/Le-Havre route I would have thought  got to be a better deal (£180)taking in the cost of diesel/tolls from Calais to  Rouen what do you think ? I know what you mean about the tolls etc.. getting to and past Barcelona but if I drop down by Marassa /Monserratt  miss out a big chunk of tolls and poss best drive across to Lerida on free  motorway A2? done this loads of time,s when going into Pyrenees from Costa Brava.
What do you think to the Puymorens /Cadi tunnel route ,Class 2 van should be around 13 euros for Puymorens and would have thought bit less /same for cadi  ::)
Thanks again
and thank,s for the link I've heard a few  stories about folk getting broke into during the night at these Aries ,so will def opt for the busiest/truck stop  ones ;) have thought of getting a few sheets photo copied "Mad Yorkshire man asleep wake up at your peril" translated to French /Romanian and stick them on widows LOL!!!!! :D!

Hope this is OK Moderators !!! but here is a copy of a letter from the Eye on Spain Forum and the discount still works

Hi Guys and Gals,

Just a reminder that you can use my membership code to get up to 10% discount on Brittany Ferry crossings to Spain and France.

With the flights to Spain going up all the time, try the ship and see some of Spain.  We discovered Salamanca last year and are returning again this year in October.

Herewith details if how to use the code. Very easy but any problems send me an e mail.

Happy Sailing:

Details again as follows to get up to 10% discount on your Ferry Bookings to France and Spain.and I get £10 off towards my next booking. - So we both win!  Don't worry it is perfectly legal and Britanny encourage the discount to get more bookings.



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Happy sailing and if any problems e mail me



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