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Message started by Nigel on Jul 23rd, 2014 at 6:57pm

Title: Buyer beware!
Post by Nigel on Jul 23rd, 2014 at 6:57pm
I was asked by a member if he would be able to post the following.
I agreed as I think it is important for potential purchasers coming to the área.

He has spoken to his lawyer about the posting and his lawyer has not advised him not to post his message:

Dear Nigel,
                 I have attached something that I would like to post on the forum but I am concerned that you might consider it defamatory. I went to see my lawyer, Tom Batlle on Monday and, after reading the relavent e mails and text messages, he suggested that I contact you.

I have also taken the oportunity to post an email I personally received following the 'Three Witches' posting last year. This posting was taken down at the request of a Miami Playa lawyer as it referred to three differnet parties. I must admit to being somewhat suprised to receive the email. I have also posted my reply.

I bought my house on 22nd November, 2013. Myspanishome were the estate agents. Steve and Stephanie were extremely helpful. They took me shopping and helped me buy a car. They live near me and I became friends with them. When I wanted some work done to my house I asked them for advice. They told me that they knew some fantastic Romanian builders who had completed their extension in nine days.

The builders were a nightmare; they kept on upping the price and the work was very shoddy. When I complained Steve and Stef organised a meeting and seemed to be on my side. In reality they were just keeping me in the project.

The work took months and when it became time to pay they were very much on the side of the contractors and, I'm ashamed to say, I was intimidated into paying what they wanted.

   I didn't want to be friends with them after this and they reacted  with great indignation.  They sent me the following bill. 

   The bill is ridiculous. Even if one gives them credit for the legitimate things that they did (ie going to the dog kennels) they are still, retrospectively, charging me 96 Euros per hour for activities that they volunteered to do. A few days later I got the following e mail. <>
     May 21
     to me
Dear Mr. Bailey,

To date the sum of 3.552,00 Euros, being our last invoice for work carried
out on your behalf has not been credited to our bank account.  We therefore
ask you to remedy this situation within three working days from today
2/05/2014 or you will leave us no alternative to ask our Abogado/Lawyer to
resolve this matter.

Please understand that we will set this in motion on Monday 26th May 2014.
Please understand also that if this action is taken you will be liable for
our Lawyers costs.

We therefore hope this matter can be resolved without the above action being

MySpanishome Estate Agents
+34 977446655
+34 639041277

   After that I had some threatening text messages from Steve and he made it clear that he wants to force me out of Tortosa. I have heard that they are spreading vile rumours about me.  For this reason, and because I want to help other newcomers, I think it's important that we take a stand and resist the bullies.

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