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Message started by ColinB on Dec 8th, 2015 at 8:00pm

Title: Re: pre-perforated irrigation hose....
Post by Bricon on Apr 12th, 2016 at 12:59pm
I answered the original question about blocked up brown perforated tubing suggesting that limestone water was the problem and  a possible solution was the little sprinklers. This was Plan "B". If that is not the problem or solution, then sorry you need to ask some one else.
Ritaratbag asked what were the "Right" plants that don't need watering.
As I said the list was "endless. Well nearly" and gave the names of some places where these could be bought. Nigel showed some examples and I have more if anybody wants to see them.
It's good to hear you have at least one of the "endless list". What others have you? And where did you get them?
Of course you should water the newly planted, in the endless list or not.
They should be planted in Autumn, not Spring and may need watering for up to two years, depending on the weather in the following summers.
Never-the-less though most of the local or other "Mediterranean" area (there are five worldwide) plants will survive without watering it seems stupid to me to spend money and time on plants that are going to die if they don't get the odd drink in the middle of summer.
Once Mediterranean plants are established there is no need for any irrigation system to keep them watered on a regular basis.
Everybody can choose whatever plants they want to put where ever in their garden, and if they want to, or have to water them, fine.
"If you cannot please yourself in your own garden, where can you?".  "Plants with Impact" by John Kelly.
My argument is that there is a wide choice of plants that only need an absolute minimum of water and they will survive on the sparse rainfall we have.
Nobody waters on the hillsides round here nor the Oleanders on the AP7
This is not meant as a "lecture" but hopefully there are other people who read the "gardening" forum and would like to know about "dry garden" plants and don't want or have the resources to install irrigation systems.

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