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Message started by Ritaratbag on Aug 1st, 2016 at 5:12pm

Title: Re: Heatwave subsides
Post by Bulldog on Aug 2nd, 2016 at 2:51pm
Rita, what underhand and unscrupulous methods and pressure was placed upon poor Bunter to allow yourself the above image of Paul, Bunter and I chilling without our hankies on our heads and also editing the image, where by you have removed yourself, Nen and pondgirl riding somewhat annoyed looking donkeys at a gallop all wearing bright yellow with purple stripped heavy rubber kangoos and ill fitting wellington boots,  drinking large bottles of sangria and as we all know you were all singing at the top of your voices int it a pity shes only one !!!!!! at last weekends trainee Methodist lay preachers annual meeting.

I would also take this opportunity of informing both yourself and your cohorts that the young polcia local officer is still traumatised after witnessing the above events and demands to know who was responsible for inserting the cucumber in his left ear.
Yours, a now failed trainee Methodist preaching Bulldog.   

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