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Message started by hhmunro on Jun 6th, 2017 at 1:27pm

Post by hhmunro on Jun 6th, 2017 at 1:27pm

I left my vehicle with this company in Valencia, I had prebooked. When I arrived they photographed my car, told me they were fully insured, took my car keys, then took my car away. I contacted them to give the date of my return, then they contacted me to say the battery was flat and they could not find it to start the car. I told them where it was and heard nothing further. When I returned to the car it was filthy, although as I had paid for indoor parking, their most expensive option, which includes the car being returned clean. They explained they were wary of starting the car, it is a high end car, so left it disgusting. I am sure they could have carried a bucket of water to where the car was. I took it away and cleaned it properly myself, only to find damage on the rear bumper, when I contacted them, their manager, Bruno said it was not his responsibility, saying if I parked in a supermarket and the car got hit, I would not blame the supermarket. I pointed out that I had PAID for secure indoor parking, they had parked the car I did not even see where, so it was certainly not my responsibility. After many emails Bruno said he would not accept responsibility, but would pay for half the damage caused to my car while under his care. I sent him my bank details and I told him I was going to post this on every forum close to his business, and the two other LOWCOSTPARKING operations to warn people of the lack of care they would receive and to consider taking their business to a company who actually WILL care for their vehicle. Since I sent that message I have had no response, nor has the money he promised been put in my account. So not only are you likely to get your vehicle back damaged, as they clearly do not care for them, they are also dishonest.
As an amusing postscript, I sent this to Bruno to ask him to at least pay the money he had offered, this was his response…

I haven't failed it would be stupid to pay or waste some money to show comittment, (even doing an exception) if at the end, you would be publihing it everyweere anyway...

Thats the reason.....So simple...I save that money, if you would do the same anyway...

I told him that if he did the right thing which would be pay for the damage done while my car was in his care I would not need to post anything, he has not had the decency to reply…

Post by Ginagee on Jun 7th, 2017 at 12:34pm
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with parking in Valencia.
We used a company called ABRIL Parking, excellent service. :)

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