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Registered builders (Read 1955 times)
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Registered builders
Jul 1st, 2006 at 1:23pm
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Hello there

We - our architect and us - are looking for registered builders for our renovation project in the Tivissa mountains. I do speak a bit of Spanish, enough to get us by, hence a Spanish builder would be no problem. The main thing is - he must be certified i.e. registered as our architect won't accept anybody else and quite right so. The house we are rebuilding needs quite a bit of stonework to it. Also the finca is up a track which can be quite bumpy in parts. Really large trucks (above 17 tons) will have problems getting up there, I think. We are planning to grate the last bit of the track (apprx. 350 m) and chuck a bit of gravel or tarmac down. That could be done in two days or so.
We will be almost self sufficient, apart from the water. We are on the irrigation project from Ginestar. The water needs to be brought up to the house, either over land or under ground. The snagg is the "ground" is a baranc i.e. pine trees and hedges/bushes, fairly uncultivated. hence a bit of climbing down and up involved.
We have an architect as I said and also a technical architect to oversee and project manage the whole thing. The architect is from Barcelona, the technical from Falset which is why we haven't come up with a builder as yet. Also, we are not down in the area, still living in UK, expecting to move by mid August provided our buyer doesn't pull out last minute........

Does anybody know any reputable builders in the are around Mora d'Ebre?

Many thanks.

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Re: Registered builders
Reply #1 - Jul 2nd, 2006 at 1:00am
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Hi Sabine,
I actually bought a finca when i first came to Spain, and was told a pack of lies about what i could do etc etc etc, we have all heard the stories.........eventually i realised that i wasn't prepared to build an "almacen" and hope for the best, or like most people, just do what i wanted and then face the consequences, or pay a fine!!!!!! i bailed out and bought a village town house, because by that time my young son was established in the local school, and i had gone out of my way to integrate in to the local community........the house, which had not been lived in for about 25 years, and had never had a bathroom or proper services as we know it, obviously needed total renovation, so i decided i would not listen to most of the "Brits" who are either builders, plumbers or electicians, as i had already been "stung" by a very convincing guy in the Gandesa area, but if i mention names here, it would obviously be deleted.
So i dealt with a local Spanish company and their Architect, and other than the fact he said he could probably start in January, but he has only started this week, i have seen many of his past projects in our village, and watched his work grow.
I would recommend him to anyone, and i live in a village only 10 minutes from Mora d'Ebre. His work is exlemplorary, and he is a perfectionist, but obviously has a waiting list.
Email me privately if you want to talk.


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