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NOTICE to G.A. Club members (Read 1037 times)
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NOTICE to G.A. Club members
Feb 16th, 2012 at 7:34pm
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Sorry for the delay in reporting on recount of C.J. to V.P. position. This due to our annual argument on me doing manual labour I thought wife outside ( 1st mistake ) I told her straight I would not do it as I was the man of the house and to know her place. She then appeared from behind door, hence me put in traction but now home doing manual. The special G.A. meeting was a tense affair as C.J. found himself contended against by Pino the grizzly donkey who brought to speak on his behalf Ebrovoice who was his ex-agent from his film days eg fiddler on the hoof. One of our new recruits to become a member famous author of such books as
Sodit : Santsalvador On Dogs In Tortosa.
Sodu : Santsalvador On Dogs Untrained.
Volunteered to do the count. It was at this point we realised this was impossible as the only one present who could count was Pino. As this was the case Pino agreed to become treasurer, so well done C. J. your still V.P. More news to follow.
Yours G.A. Club President Bulldog.
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Re: NOTICE to G.A. Club members
Reply #1 - Feb 16th, 2012 at 8:18pm
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From your last report do I gather that your wife is not in the club ?
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Re: NOTICE to G.A. Club members
Reply #2 - Feb 16th, 2012 at 8:43pm
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FIRST TREASURERS REPORT BY SENOR PINO ( yes I am spanish unlike all you immigrants-rant over)

Due to problems in La Caixa this morning I have to notify all member of the G.A. Club that all monies will be held in my wifes off shore account.
The manager in La Caixa who speaks very good english and passable catalan and castillano, appeared to totally fail to comprehend anything I said, and I also am fluent in german and donkeyish. I would like to point out that there are no customer toilets in La Caixa, the assistant manageress was not happy!!!!
So the outcome is that my wife Luca (short for Peluca-look it up-and I think its a dumb name as well, but its true love, so Luca it is) has taken all subscriptions and invested them in something called tottenham fc via her San Marino account.
I would like to put forward a motion, unusual for me as most of my motions go backwards, that although CJ is VP that he is not given any strenuous tasks, because he uses up most of his energy raising the amber liquid in a vertical direction.
CJ has asked me to enquire if the G.A.Club is for wives as well?

Luca said if its men only then you have lost the 1.39 funds.
Being a donkey I am not keen on dogs.....who is this Sant Salvador???????
Incidently I can only count up to 4 by tapping my hoof, but I can stand on a pedestal for a carrot.
Which is probably more than can be said for the G.A. Club president!!!!!

Nostalgia is not what it used to be...
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