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Appeal from Arca (Read 1577 times)
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Appeal from Arca
Jan 18th, 2018 at 7:54am
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As many of you already know, the municipality of Tortosa has hired the private company Serproanimal s.l (El Corralet) with multiple complaints of animal abuse to manage the animal shelter of Tortosa, until now carried by us, by Arca. For us, each of the 180 dogs in the shelter has a name and a story behind it, and we love them. That is why we refuse to leave them in the hands of this company that we all know that mysteriously makes them disappear (in their Vinaroz facilities they even have their own crematoria). For all this we NEED HELP. WE NEED ADOPTIONS AND WELCOME FOR ALL OF THEM. ARCA asks you please to help us look for shelters and adoptions for the 180 dogs and 20 cats that are right now in the protein !!!
We can not leave them there!
We know that we know what it would mean to them ... under the law of "humanitarian reasons" all of us who are in this "little world" know what it means 😥
That is why we ask all the protectors and individuals that can accommodate any / s that please CONTACT US BY PRIVATE MESSAGE WITH US OR CONTACT: 655040359/696562119/679538694/627846269/680450098

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