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Message started by sabineopp on Apr 24th, 2007 at 8:33pm

Title: Re: Removal nightmare
Post by sabineopp on May 7th, 2007 at 11:39pm
Dear Pondgirl

What happened in respect of our removal experience, happened,in fact we have played down other aspects of our removal back to the Uk by the company in question.The whole point about this situation is that we reserve the right to outline what occured.No one is making anything up, every thing we have said is a statement of fact ,and can be fully supported by evidence if so required.Frankly we are far too busy to engage in fabricating mis information.We accept the point that this may have been a one off,but do not accept that this should be just swept under the carpet because the truth hurts.Stuff happens god only knows we understand that.But what occured during our move went beyond just stuff happening,it resulted in more damage to our furniture than on 5 previous moves put together plus 100%,because all our other moves we only had VERY minor marks to maybe one item.The point is this we paid top dollar,we have already confirmed that the quote in question was in fact 300 more than the next Mainstream removal company based in the UK!.We chose the removal company concerned because we wished to support a local company plus the individual concerned seemed very professional,so we chose this company,i do not dispute that the person concerned is a hard working individual etc ,but it still does not alter the fact that we had a crap move by his company.We are the losers here and to be honest it hurts,we tried to do the right thing and it went wrong.All we did was book a removal company to get our stuff back to the UK,The  company mucked it up not us.Also we do not take exception with your responses as far as we are concerned you are fully entiled to  your views,as we are fully entitled to put the facts across as we se fit,we do not feel that we are getting into an argument with any one its just a frank and healthy exchange of views.However as far as we are concerned we will leave it at that.As mentioned  we can provide all the evidence and proof in order to support everything that has been written,we are not saying that the next person  will  have the same experience its just that ours was so poor we reserve the to make that point.Some folk do learn from experience we  hope that is the case here                

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