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Message started by PaulH on Dec 27th, 2007 at 12:32pm

Title: Re: tip top battery maintenance
Post by William of Orange on Dec 29th, 2007 at 6:03pm
Paul a bit more information on bank configuration would help, and battery voltage 2 v I guess at 900 ah ? each . Is it a 12 volt 24 or 48v system, how many strings . If you have a slightly weaker battery try positioning it near to the end of the string near the +ve terminal where your charger is attached.
How old are they . Also check the terminal connections especially  on this one cell make sure its clean with no corosion.or mechanical problem ! Remember to take a  accurate sg reading you need to wait about two hours after a full charge when the batteries have had no load. Which I find almost impossible to do, I rely on accurate voltage readings to do comparisons. I also use a  Xantrex  Battery Monitor which are very expensive to monitor voltage amps and amp hours in and out of my battery bank.

It may be sulphated slightly more than your other batteries and you may consider trying a desulphator unit that I have for sale in the Tortosa Section
I have a 2100 ah 24 volt battery bank consisting of 36 Varta 2 volt 700 ah cells wired 3 strings  of 12 in series to give 24 volt at 700ah then   paralleled together to give 2100 ah .My desulphator has been running with these batteries for last 18 months  . These were secondhand batteries  which had wildly varying S.G they are now very similar although it is a long slow process. Carry on the charging method I reccomended but also watch your electrolyte level as correctly well charged LEAD ACID wet cells will need distilled water. If your not using water then your batteries are not been fully charged enough.

Desulphators use a high voltage electronic harmonic pulse  to help free  stubborn sulphated crystals off the lead plates whilst a battery is charging thus exposing more lead plate to the electrolyte and thus increase the charge capacity of the battery, the freed sulphite crystals are absorbed back into the acid and the S.G goes up.


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