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Message started by Smidge on Nov 29th, 2014 at 1:59pm

Title: Re: Red Palm Beetle
Post by Bunter on Nov 30th, 2014 at 11:55am
The trouble is there are some many unattended plots that could have effected palms and get no treatment/observation etc and I note from the attached below that cutting like a pineapple shape which I try to do, The resulting flesh wounds created giving that effect can attract the red palm beetle from over half a mile away due to the scent given off from the freshly cut palm.The article below is American but give a good incite with good pics re the problem. I see our local council are still allowing cut palm leaves to be admitted to our local tip/dump thus transporting the bugs to do their work elsewhere,When they should be burnt as a safety measure but nothing appears to have been done in that regard.Effected trees should be cut down by specialists and removed for burning.I am unsure but I do not think Joe Public are not allowed to chop down and burn effected trees.I suspect when all the palms on the sea front have met their demise old Miguel the ajunterments DIY man will wheel his rusty spray set up onto the scene in the hope all will be well. I think this problem should be tackled properly now. I see enough effected trees locally for the councils in our area to act.  >:(

Some people are finding this a cheap and effective preventive treatment.

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