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Message started by Ritaratbag on Jul 16th, 2015 at 9:21am

Title: Re: Heatwave to subside
Post by Bulldog on Jul 17th, 2015 at 7:05pm
Here at the shack on the hill, officially BLOODY HOT as the Bull mastiff lies snoring in front of one of the fans on the floor instead of on the settee. The song is correct Mad dogs and English men as Hector my youngest bulldog snots and grumbles as he follows me out to hang the washing outside as he seems to think that this is his duty. Her indoors let out a yell which is now common place HECTOR NO!!!!! looking down to see what my little treasure was doing, I found him sitting in the washing basket with my underpants on his head and the wives unmentionables on his back. I pointed at him and before I could shout, for his breed, size and the heat outside he made an Olympic speed dash into the kitchen still wearing his new dress code. I followed him in to see him sitting in front of his fan which he has now claimed as his own. Then to my horror he stood up head butted the fan sending it and underwear sailing down the kitchen all because it had not been turned on. Standing the fan back up and turning it on peace was once again restored. As I turned to go back out into the heat Hector gave one of his grumbles and a look only a bulldog can give which basically told me if that was my attitude I could hang my own bloody washing out by myself.
Yours a heat stressed Bulldog.    

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